Following on from our very positive Annual General Meeting today we would like to announce that President Mr Brian Lane has been returned unopposed back in as president for his second term, Vice President Darren Emmerton will also return again for his second term, Anthony White will again be our treasurer and Toby Ray will return unopposed as Secretary for his third running year!

Our new committee for season 2018 includes:

Nathan Russell
Nathan Rayner 
Cameron Windram 
Kyle Targett 
Nicole Targett 
Rodney Adams 
Gary Bloom 
Leanne Templeton 
Michael Eagling 
Brian Targett 
Norris Hayes 
Scott Degroot 
Janine Naden


Nicole Targett


Dudley Corbett
Lyle Willcox
Earl Howard
Ted Howe
Bill Fielding

Season 2018 is set to be the biggest yet with this solid off field team that will be working hard behind the scenes to make the great club even better as we look forward to bigger things at our new state of the art home at the new twin ovals!

The reappointed executive below !