Saturday we are on the road to Wynyard to take on the Cats. Unfortunately we aren’t going to Smithton for the clash like planned, with a bit of luck next year this might take place.
Our Lady Blues return from a week off and certainly are rejuvenated and eager to get back out on the park.
The Under 18 boys are keen to bounce back from last weeks loss and get back on the winners list.
The unbeaten Reserves side will again have a strong team running and will be looking to continue their winning streak.
Game 150 for fearless leader Jack Templeton is set to be a ripper. The boys lost the opening game to the cats and will be looking for redemption this time around. Daniel Oates remains in the team after he was a late inclusion to the side last weekend.
Three changes this week with Ben Hardy, Geordie Dowling and Tully O’Neil going back to the Reserves. Into the team will be Dylan Bramich, Jakeb Townsend and Jonty Lanham.
Women – 9am
Bakes, Dennis, Duncan, Gibbons, Hall, Hardy, Hendricks, Howard, Kerrison, Lynch, Marshall, Poke, J Revell, S Revell, S Saward, E Saward, Schultz, Taylor, Thompson, Turner, Williams, Wijesingha-Frohmader
E Cullen, C Fielding
Under 18’s – 10:30am
Ball, Barker, Blake, Bonner, Bowden, Burns, Clarke, Dick, Flint, Gallaher, Hancock, Hardimon, Krushka, Lee, Ling, McDonald, Peach, Strickland
Reserves – 12:30pm
Bath, Blakemore, Chamberlain, Degroot, Dowling, Edwards-Gray, Farrelly, Gregson, B Hardy, R Hardy, Kaine, Kelly, Kinch, J King, T King, Maher, O’Neil, Overton, Schulze, Speglic, Stafford, Talbot, Von Bibra
B Crawford, J Donovan, B Dicker, J Degoey
Seniors – 2.30pm