The Penguin Football Club held it’s annual dinner on the 14th of October at the clubrooms where the following awards were presented:

Club Awards
2017 Best Club Persons – Rodney “Bumbler” Adams and Norris Hayes
Ern Lette Memorial for Club Service – Matthew “Sweet Dad” Carrolan
Bill Fielding Award – Leanne Templeton
Audrey Willcox Memorial Award – Pam Voss
Can Bar Goal of the Year – Nathan “Doofy” Russell
2017 Tool of the Year – The lovely Leanne Templeton for thinking she was deaf when in fact she had ear plugs in from a nights sleeping next to major snore head, and Senior Coach, Peter Templeton.

Senior Awards
Leading Goal Kicker – Andrew Lee (29 goals)
Merv Grimley Memorial (Best First Year Player) – Brad Green
Coaches Award – Jason Radford
Most Determined – Jack Templeton
Most Improved – Mitch Stanley
Best in Finals – Jack Templeton
Runner-up Best & Fairest – Jacob Brown
Tommy Kaine Medallist (Best & Fairest) – Jack Templeton

Reserves Awards
Most Consistent – Aiden Laing-Hughes
Most Improved – Rhys Johns
Most Determined – Josh Kaine
Coaches Award – Brad Crawford
Leading Goal Kicker – Clinton Carpenter (29 goals)
Best in Finals – Jesse Purton
Runner-up Best & Fairest – Brad Crawford
Best & Fairest – Jesse Purton

Women’s Awards
Leading Goal Kicker – Tayla Marshall (27 goals)
Best First Year Player – Shelby Aitken
Most Improved – Nicole Targett
Most Determined – Samara Bakes
Coaches Award – Nicole Poke
MVP (as votes by peers) – Kirby Randall
Runner-up Best & Fairest – Georgia Eade
Best & Fairest – Kirby Randall & Tayla Marshall

Under 18’s Awards
Plapp Family Memorial Award (Most Consistent) – Sam Mitchell
Leading Goal Kicker – Jesse French (41 goals)
Most Determined – Will Spaulding
Coaches Award – Thomas Bath
MVP (as votes by peers) – Kallum Paul
Best in Finals – Lachlan McKellar
Wes Thow Award (Most Potential) – Jay Van Essen
Runner-up Best & Fairest – Jay Van Essen
Brett Schulze Medal (Best & Fairest) – Julian Brown