We would like to acknowledge the HUGE contribution that Brock Dicker has made to the Penguin Football Club and coastal football after he announced his retirement following the Reserves heartbreaking Grand Final loss on Saturday.
One of, if not the most loved player to ever don the Two Blues, ‘BD’ retires with 327 career games to his name, with his 200th Senior game for Penguin playing alongside his St Kilda hero Stephen ‘Tiprat’ Milne a highlight.
Immensely loyal, Brock dedicated 15 years to the Two Blues, only leaving for a three-year stint to play at his father Adrian’s home club, the Cuprona Bulldogs, with his brothers Ryan and Joel.
We thank you for your many years of hard ball gets and hope you enjoy giving the “nearly 35-year-old” body a spell.
Cheers BD!
Penguin Two Blues
  • Senior debut 2003
  • 266 club games
  • 223 Senior games
  • 43 Reserves games
  • Didn’t play a Reserves game until 2014
  • Never played an Under 19 game
  • 2014 Senior captain
  • 2011 Senior Grand Finalist
  • 2019-20 Reserves coach
  • 2019-20 Reserves Grand Finalist
Cuprona Bulldogs
  • 61 Senior games
  • 2017 Senior B&F
  • 2016-18 Senior captain