Holly Stubbs has taken to the role as club ambassador like a duck to water this year and straight away implemented some important changes to cut & minimise the usage of disposable plastic products to clean, green alternatives including, forks, spoons, straws & beer, soup & coffee cups along with sandwich packets.

“My biggest passion in life is to leave the smallest footprint possible on our planet but leave the biggest footprint in humanity towards the health and restoration of our beautiful planet earth.
With my passion I had to take action when I became the ambassador of the Penguin Football Club.
There are so many environmentally friendly alternatives and swaps that individuals and businesses can adopt, it is stupid not to. One take away cup/straw/plastic bag may not seem significant but when multiplied by millions of people each day, the impact is huge.
Us as consumers have the power to turn this around. We are in the greatest climate emergency of our time and our so called leaders are failing their duty to act on our behalf so it is now up to us as the future of our world is in our voice and hands.
Eco systems are collapsing by the minute and what is done in the next 10 years will determine the future for all life on earth.”