We have another milestone match this weekend as club favourite Josh Kaine runs out for club game number 200!
Known for his speed and tackle pressure, Zyyz is a loyal and popular person within the Penguin Football Club.
Josh recently become a father and when he isn’t playing football he can usually be found in the gym taking selfies, or running numerous kilometres throughout town.
Kainey is a Life Member of the club, Tool of the Year winner in 2016, Reserves Anzac Medallist in 2018, 2x Reserves Premiership player (2017 & 2021), 2018 Reserves Best & Fairest Runner-up, Reserves Most Determined in the 2017 Premiership year, laid the Premiership winning tackle in 2021 and is also head of pre-game music!
Congratulations Josh, a wonderful achievement, enjoy your day general.