We are back home this weekend turning pink & Teams are in for Saturday’s clash with the Circular Head Giants at Pirtek Dial Park !

The women are back on the paddock after 3 weeks off & they will kick proceedings off with the opening bounce at 9:20am! Following the women will be the unders at 10:40am, reserves at 12:30pm & the senior game at 2:30pm!
The weather is looking favourable and the day is set to be a fantastic spectacle!


B: S Mitchell W Dau B Kelly
HB: B Green S Mawer F Wray-McCann
C: J Van Essen T Skene Z Targett
HF: M Chamberlain B Hardy J Templeton
F: L Viney D Bramich L McKellar
FOLL: J King M Kinch W Huxtable
INT: K McCreadie M Stanley D Scarffe
EMG: B Hayes D Baldock R Speglic
IN: J King S Mawer
OUT: J Radford (inj) J Wray-McCann (unavail)


Rolls, Baldock, Crawford, De Groot, Eastley, Eaton, Edwards-Gray, Hayes, Johns (2), Kaine, Laing-Hughes, MacDonald, McCrae, Overton, Russell, Schulze, Slater, Stafford, Speglic, Von Bibra.

Emergencies: Maloney, Ray, Heady


Aitken, S. Bakes, K. Crosswell, M. Duncan, C. Fielding, C. French, S. Hall, S. Hubbard , C. Lynch, C. MacDonald, C. Marshall, T. Poke, N. Randall, K. Schultz, K. Stephens, B. Targett, N. Taylor, B. Thomas, D. Thompson, A. Turner, S. Voss, K. Wijesingha-Frohmader, L

Emergency: Shotton, A.

IN: Taylor, B. Marshall, T. Schultz,K.

OUT: Howard,B. Parker,K. Shotton,A.

Under 18’s

Atkinson, D.Dennis, J.Smith, A.French, Eaton, T.Smith, Haberle, Singleton, Gregson, Day, Logan “Falcon” Williams, De Groot, J.Dennis, Kerger, Bath, O’Rourke, Walker, J.French, Carter