Beautiful day for footy at West Park Oval!! Team selection below. Three changes to the Seniors with Harry Cox (concussion) Jay Van Essen and Liam Viney (injury) out of the […]

Round 7 results Women Latrobe 1.0.6 Penguin 19.19.133 Colts Latrobe win after the siren with a point Penguin 5.4.34 Latrobe 5.5.35 Reserves Penguin 14.14.98 Latrobe 2.2.14 Seniors Penguin 13.10.88 Latrobe […]

A little taste of winter today with wet, dismal conditions on offer. Congratulations again to Milestone gamers, Randall Hardy and Chloe Lynch! Team selection is as follows. Women – 9am […]

Women Penguin 10.9.69 Devonport 2.2.14 Colts Penguin 2.3.15 Devonport 8.16.64 Reserves Penguin 3.10.28 Devonport 7.10.52 Seniors Penguin 9.10.64 Devonport 15.9.99

Teams for tomorrows matches against the Magpies at the Devonport Oval. Head over and cheers the sides on in what should definitely be some great local footy. Women – 9am […]

Colts Penguin 8.4.52 Ulverstone 5.11.41 Campbell Flint The Wilcox Medalist for best on ground. Reserves Penguin 13.12.90 Ulverstone 5.3.33 Jack Weller was awarded the Hays Medal for Best on ground […]