Senior Premierships


NWFU 1932


BACK ROW: Reg Peebles (trainer), Phil Lade, Ross Plapp, Peter French, Jack Conway (President), Martin Anstee, Peter Looney, Stephen Wilcox, David Langmaid, Roy Close (trainer)
CENTRE: Don French (trainer), Kevin King, Wayne Manson, Warren ‘Putt’ McCarthy (Capt/Coach), Garry Cowmeadow, Trevor Howard, Terry Owens, Chris Fielding, Jack Fielding (trainer)
FRONT ROW: Garry Stubbs, Kevin Creedon, Bill Fielding, Barry Valentine, Ricky Watt
ABSENT: David McKay

Penguin 11.18 (84) def Cooee 11.14 (80)


Back Row: Grant O’Brien, Tony French, Sam Ling, Gary Carpenter, Ross Miller, Rodney Russell, Kevin Creedon
Centre: Ken Beaumont, Shayne Smith, Bill Fielding (Capt) son Luke on knee, Laurie Howard (Coach), Bruce Howard, Trevor Howard, Peter French, Stephen Wilcox
Front Row: Garth Barrett, Wayne Manson, Andrew Baldock, Kevin Brown, Michael O’Brien, Chris Fielding
Mascots: Nathan Howard, Jarrod Richardson, Dean Gilchrist



Back Row: Wayne Viney, Stephen Willcox, Craig Mitchell, Garth Barrett, Gary Carpenter, Michael Gale, Leigh Bonney
Middle Row: Darryl Jones, Chris Hennessey. Robbie Lavelle, Peter French, Chris Reynolds, Tony Porter, Bill Fielding, Trevor Howard, Kevin Brown, Tony French, Michael O’Brien
Front Row:  Colin Crowden (Selector), Bruce Howard, A. Ansell, Tim Allen (Capt/Coach), Neville Keep, Kerry Stubbs, Sam Ling (runner), Vic Anderson (President)
Mascots: Clinton and Hayden Carpenter

Smithton 13.9.87 def by Penguin 21.9.135

Man of the Match – Stephen Willcox

Reserves Premierships








Penguin 10.7.67 def Latrobe 8.5.53

Under 19 Premierships


Defeated Wynyard


Back Row: Rodney Ansell, ?, Garth Barrett, Tony King, Charlie Emmerton
Middle Row: Peter Shaw, John Hall, Murray Gower, Ian Trimper, K Challis, John Gardner, Harvey Gardiner, Wayne ‘Dorrie’ Turnbull
Front Row: Stephen Willcox, Peter French, Kevin Brown, Bruce Barker, Chris Fielding, David Stubbs, Gary French, Darryl Brown, Chris Strickland
Absent: D. Ansell and coach Gerry Howard.

Penguin 6.2. (38) def Ulverstone 3.6. (24)


Back Row: Reg Peebles (trainer),Bruce Barker, Peter Shaw, Peter French, Garry Carpenter, Ron Revell (trainer), Tony Wylie, Gary French, Marcus Monday, Colin Brown, Ted Howe (trainer)
Middle Row: Michael Thorpe, Doug Keep, Gavin Brown, Tony French, Gary Bloom, Kerry Willcox, Garth Barrett
Front Row: Trevor Barker, Robbie Smith, David Stubbs, Stephen Willcox, Craig Wilson, Michael Cornish
Absent: Peter Sweeney (Coach)

Under 18 Premierships


Penguin 8.14.67 def Devonport 8.6.54