Round 10 of the NWFL will see our Two Blues men travel over to West Park Oval to take on the Burnie Dockers as our women’s team sit the weekend out with a bye.
The Senior side is unchanged and the game is all set to be another fantastic encounter between both teams.
Under 18’s – 10:30am
Ball, Barker, Blake, Bonner, Bowden, Bugeja, Burns, Clarke, Dick, Flint, Gallaher, Hancock, Hardimon, Krushka, Ling, McDonald, Strickland, Townsend
Reserves – 12:30pm
Bath, Beattie, Bones, Chamberlain, Degroot, Dicker, Duff, Edwards-Gray, Farrelly, Gregson, B Hardy, R Hardy, D King, O’Neil, Overton, Russell, Schulze, Stafford, Stanley, Talbot
Seniors – 2:20pm
Blakemore, Bramich, Ja Brown, Ju Brown, Dowling, Elliott, J King, Lee, C McDonald, Mitchel, O’Neil, O’Donnell, Oates, L Russell, Skene, Van Essen, Viney, J Weller, M Weller, T Weller, Wray-McCann
Emg: J Farrelly, J McDonald, J Townsend