Teams for tomorrows matches against the Magpies at the Devonport Oval.
Head over and cheers the sides on in what should definitely be some great local footy.
Women – 9am
S Saward, Turner, Dennis, O’Sullivan, Cowen, Poke, Chandler, E Saward, Wijesingha-Frohmader, Howard, Lynch, Radford, Revell, Dunstone, Williams, Marshall, Bannon, Porter, Targett, Moran, Purton, Gibbons
Colts – 10:30am
Daley, Mott, Robinson, Phyland, Pinner, O’Neil, Little, Butler, Haezlewood, Beard, Ray, Mitchell, Mainwaring, West, Wiki, Dillion, Barker, Guard, McDonald, Woods, Flint, Walker, Sharman, Sausage
Reserves – 12:20pm
Caddy, O’Neil, Von Bibra, F Dick, McKellar, Kelly, H Dick, Kaine, B Hardy, Strickland, D Russell, J Oates, Kinch, J Weller, Degroot, Huxtable, Radford, Talbot, Williams, Stafford, Gregson, T Russell, Thomas, Clarke.
Seniors – 2.20pm