A little taste of winter today with wet, dismal conditions on offer.
Congratulations again to Milestone gamers, Randall Hardy and Chloe Lynch!

Team selection is as follows.
Women – 9am
West, Purton, Whatley, Schultz, Eade, Cullen, S Saward, Radford, Targett, O’Sullivan, Dennis, Howard, Lynch, Chandler, Williams, Revell, Dunstone, Nation, Marshall, Poke, Frohmader, E Saward.
Emg – Gibbons, Cowen, Moran

Colts – 10:30am
Pinner, Phyland, Haezlewood, Butler, Little, Mitchell, Bryan, Barker, Ray, Guard, McDonald, Wiki, West, Dillion, Walker, Mainwaring, Woods, Flint, Robinson, O’Neil, Beard, Daley, Sharman

Reserves – 12:20pm
F Dick, Von Bibra, T Russell, O’Neil, Kelly, Speglic, Strickland, B Hardy, Kaine, Edwards-Gray, Degroot, Huxtable, Kinch, Oates, D Russell, Radford, Williams, Talbot, Baldock, Beattie, Thomas, Ling, Stafford, Maloney

Seniors – 2.20pm