Teams for Saturday’s games against the Demons at Latrobe.
A few changes to the side this week with Cam Maher making his senior debut, congratulations Cam!
Daniel Baldock, Randall Hardy and Jack Weller also return to the team after recovering from injuries.
Out of the team this weekend are, James King (recovering from his beard shave) Brayden Purton, Will Dau and Mitch Hodgetts (injured)

Under 18’s – 10:30am

Farrelly, Dick, T Smith, Haberle, Walker, Streets, Bugeja, Gregson, Beattie, B Clarke, Day, Mitchell, Carter, J Smith, Callaghan, Dennis, Cox, T Clarke, Barry, Bowden, Gee

Reserves – 12:20pm

Johns, Lang Hughes, Jeffrey, Rogers, Thomas, Kaine, J Smith, Fowler, Eatonx2, Paul, MacDonald, Edwards – Grey, Ling x2,
King x2, Dennis, Carpenter, Dicker, Talbot
Emerg: Bra hardy, S Brooks

Women – 9am

Nicole Target, Ash Shotton, Carli Fielding
Joey Revell, Sommer French, Kiara Voss
Nicole Poke, Mel Randall, Lila Wijesingha-Frohmader, Simone Turner
Christy Duncan, Chloe Lynch, Beth Taylor
Kaitlyn Johnston, Samara Bakes, Monique French

Alysha Thompson
Zoe Clarke
Hollie Bonde
Kat Parker
Kaitlyn Bonney
Demi Thomas

Bianca Howard