Teams for Saturday’s road trip west to Smithton to take on the Giants !


B: J Eastley L Viney W Dau
HB: B Green J Radford R King
C: J Van Essen Ja Brown T Skene
HF: W Huxtable M Chamberlain M Kinch
F: D Scarffe J Templeton LMcKellar
FOLL: J Wray-McCann S Mawer M Stanley
INT: R Speglic S Mitchell Ju Brown
EMG: K McCreadie J King D Baldock
IN: R King L McKellar
OUT: F Wray-McCann N Russell


Rolls, J Bramich, Eaton, Grundy, B. Hardy, Hayes,Johns, Kaine, Kelly, King, Laing-Hughes, MacDonald, McCrae, McCreadie, Miller, Murfet, Schulze, Slater, Stafford, Von Bibra, Walker.

Emergencies: Crawford, Edwards-Gray, Thomas, Maloney

Under 18’s

Atkinson, Barry, Williams, T.Smith, Gregson, D.Dennis, Walker, Carter, Cox, Day, Singleton, O’Shea, J.Dennis, J.Smith, Callaghan, French, Haberle, Kerger, O’Rourke.


Croswell M, Duncan C, Edwards K, Fielding C, French S, Hall S, Howard B, Lynch C, MacDonald C, Marshall T, Miller C, Oates T, Parker K, Poke N, Randall K, Stephens B, Targett N, Taylor B, Thompson A, Turner S, Voss K, Wijesingha-Frohmader L, EMERGENCY Shotton A, Hubbard C. UMPIRES Owens T

IN: Marshall T
Out: Thomas D, Aitken S

We have buses departing Dial Park at 8am and 10:30 tomorrow for a cost of only $10!
Jump on for the ride to Smithton to watch the Two Blues take on the Giants, so you can have a beer and not have the worry of driving !