On June 21st, 1890 a Penguin Football Club team, although not yet officially affiliated with the association, (resplendent in their guernseys of Red, Gold and Blue!) played their first ever recorded match against a team from Ulverstone.
The match was played in Penguin in a vacant allotment at the rear of Anthon’s Hotel, now known as the Neptune Grand Hotel.
The match stimulated enough interest in the local lads that on 23 August, Penguin played Formby at Ulverstone and kicked 10.16 76 to Formby 1.2 8.
An ex-seafaring man, Captain Anthon was the hotelier and the inaugural President of the Penguin Football Club and the Secretary was one H.B Pithouse.
On June 6th, 1891, The Penguin Football Club played its very first association official game against the Cam team, running out winners, 6.8.44 to Cam 1.5.11.
The following year in 1892, the club played against Ulverstone and recorded a mammoth victory with inaccurate kicking, 14.32.116 to Ulverstone 1.1.7. We can only imagine that Captain Anthon’s hotel would have been well patronised that night and in following days!!
The Club’s first ever recorded captain was a Mr. A.H. Poole, with his deputy being Mr. Albert Veale.
The Penguin Football Club wore the Red, Gold and Blue colours for 17 years until 1907, when the iconic Two Blues was adopted and has been ever since!
Passionate Penguin Football Club Patron and Life Member Dudley ‘Spud’ Corbett is on the hunt for any former old PFC guernsey that might be stored away somewhere as we have had a few style changes in our existence, stripes, V neck, navy blue etc. If you might know of one please contact Dudley or DM the PFC page!