VFL / AFL Players

 Garry Cowmeadow

South Melbourne (1975)

DOB: 21/08/1954

Height: 180cms

Weight: 80kg


Games: 3


Alan Crawford

North Melbourne (1936-38, 1943-45, 1948-49)DOB: 21/01/1916 (Dec.1988)

Height: 187cms

Weight: 92kg

Position: Half back

Games: 77 (39 goals)


Alan captained & coached Penguin in 1947 and then returned to North Melbourne in 1948.


Tim Evans

Geelong (1971-74)DOB: 13/08/1953

Height: 189cms

Weight: 96kg

Position: Half back

Games: 59 (26 goals)


Tim went on to play 248 games with Port Adelaide (1975-86) and kicked 1,044 goals. He represented SA seven times and kicked 25 goals. In 2000, Tim was selected as full forward in Port Adelaide’s Greatest Team 1870-2000.


Tim was inducted into the Tasmanian Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

Photo to be posted when available Phillip Evans

Geelong (1970-71)DOB: 13/08/1953

Height: 192cms

Weight: 94kg


Games: 27
Goals: 8

Phillip was recruited by Geelong direct from school so he did not play any football with Penguin.

Tom Fitzmaurice

Essendon (1918-20, 1922-1924)
Geelong (1925-1928)
North Melbourne (1932-1935)DOB: 7/07/1898 (Dec. 25/12/77)

Height: 193cms

Weight: 96kg

Position: Ruck, Centre Half Back, Centre Half forward, full forward

Games: 188 (246 goals)

VFL Premierships: Essendon 1923-24 & Geelong 1925

Australian Football Hall of Fame Inductee: 1996


Tom was Captain/Coach of Penguin in 1937

Photo to be posted when available Tony Franklin

South Melbourne (1974-75)DOB: 18/12/1950

Height: 185cms

Weight: 84kg

Position: Ruck/Half Forward

Games: 32 (11 goals)

Photo to be posted when available Ron Fry

Fitzroy (1963-1967)DOB: 3/05/1937 (Dec. 24/01/1985)

Height: 187cms

Weight: 86kg

Position: Forward

Games: 46

Goals: 7



Michael Gale

Fitzroy (1985-1993) & Richmond (1994-98)DOB: 21/12/1966

Height: 188cms

Weight: 93kg

Position: Half back

Games: Fitzroy 105 (29 goals), Richmond 91 (20 goals)
Michael played in the Penguin 1985 Premiership side.

Phil Lade

Hawthorn (1966-67)DOB: 7/10/1946 (Dec. 8/11/2005)

Height: 183cms

Weight: 83kg

Position: Half back

Games: 15

Justin Plapp

Richmond (1998-1999), St. Kilda (2000-2002)DOB: 22/06/1977

Height: 189cms

Weight: 83kg

Position: Full forward (Richmond), Half back (St. Kilda)

Games: Richmond 18 (22 games), St. Kilda 26 (8 goals)

Photo to be posted when available Kerry Rattray

Melbourne (1962-1966)DOB: 13/07/1944

Height: 183cms

Weight: 78kg


Games: 23
Goals: 12


Russell Robertson

Melbourne (1997-2009)DOB: 24/11/1978

Height: 187cms

Weight: 91kg

Position: Forward

Games: 228 (428 games)

Melbourne leading goal kicker: 2001, 2005, 2007

Photo to be posted when available Mark ‘Bill’ Williams

North Melbourne (1977-1978), Footscray (1979)DOB: 7/10/1957

Height: 194cms

Weight: 107kg

Position: Forward

Games: North Melbourne 4, Footscray 5 (1 goal)


Fred Wooller

Geelong (1956-64)DOB: 21/10/1938

Height: 187cms

Weight: 85kg

Position: Forward

Games: 132 (225 goals)

VFL Premiership: 1963

Geelong Captain: 1963-64

Leading goal kicker: 1963, 1964